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Monkeys for sale, primate companion with our selection of available monkeys for sale! From playful capuchins to intelligent macaques, we have the perfect fit for your furry family. Browse our collection now and bring home your new best friend today. Monkeys for sale can be a veritably grueling but satisfying pet. You have to do a lot of exploration before completely deciding on getting monkeys for sale as a pet. A monkey for sale isn’t for everyone or every living situation. Do consider what you have planned in the future and how your monkey for sale near me will fit in it for some species of monkeys for sale can live up to 40 times. Make sure to check your original and state laws to see if there are any restrictions on having a monkey and if any permits are needed for you to gain one, we’d handle the permit issues. Call the original Warhorse services to detect one that will see your monkey for his monthly check-ups and if he’s sick.

Interned Husbandry; Our primary focus is the long-term physical and emotional care of our interned zoological species and ranch creatures. Propagation; Our secondary focus is on conserving the inheritable viability and sustainability of interned populations in the delicate, rare, and exposed species we keep and how important can be applied to the propagation of other species. Since utmost monkeys are endangered, we feel it’s safer living in homes with humans than in the wild.

Generally, we specialize in re-creating atmospheres for species in order to reproduce. It’s the ultimate palm in professional exotic animal care. The babies we work with are a fantastic perk.

Why do we do what we do?
We’ve deep respect and love for all creatures. We want to partake our knowledge and experience with fellow beast suckers who have the same values, the reason why we specialize in them. We strive to run our estate sustainably, for our family and the creatures that live there with us.

Our life is 24/7/365. We aren’t a cover-by-night operation. We live for our creatures and our family cares for them by hand daily. Our installation is quiet and intimate by design, so we can concentrate precisely on our occupant creatures. Our focus isn’t on getting the most likes on Social Media posts, we strive to spend the utmost of our time minding for our monkeys for sale species.

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Black Capuchin Monkey for sale

Male cap faces capuchin monkey: Adorable USDA registered male 12 weeks old capuchin monkey which is available for a new honest and loving family. This monkey is so wonderful and will make a perfect companion.

Female Cap Face Capuchin Monkey for sale

Female Blackcap faces Capuchin monkey USDA registered female 12 weeks old capuchin monkey which is available for a new honest and loving family. This monkey is so wonderful and will make a perfect companion.

Female Marmoset Monkeys for sale

Female  Marmoset  Monkeys They are a beautiful Marmoset Monkeys, approx neutered, and very friendly males and females available USDA on shots and de-worming. Monkeys are MICRO CHIPPED. Record papers provided. 12 weeks old Very nice rosette markings. pet homes only. Contact Us

Female Spider Monkey for sale

Find female spider monkeys: Female Spider monkeys are New World monkeys belonging to the genus Ateles. We offer female spider monkeys at very affordable prices.

Female Squirrel Monkey for sale

I have Male and Female SQUIRREL MONKEYS available and ready. They have had their shots USDA Licensed and very friendly . They will come with papers and stuffs. No health issue and they goes with kids and other home pet. Have had their shots and pet raised

Female White Face Capuchin Monkey for sale

Female white face capuchin monkey Adorable USDA registered female 12 weeks old capuchin monkey which is available for a new honest and loving family. This monkey is so wonderful and will make a perfect companion.


Breed: CAPUCHIN MONKEY Age: 10 Weeks Old Sex : Female Vaccinations: Up-to-Date One year genetic health guarantee, Comes With Registration Paper

UNIVERSAL MONKEYS ANIMALS RANCH offers several species of primates,e.g.,( Pet spider monkey for sale, Marmoset monkeys for sale, Pet monkeys for sale near me, Cheap monkeys for sale, Capuchin monkey pet for sale, Monkey wrap for sale, Macaque monkey for sale). At UNIVERSAL MONKEYS ANIMAL RANCH, we take great pride in giving our primates all the attention, enrichment, care, and environmental rudiments they need. We also, check and educate implicit new primate possessors before placing a monkey in their care.
UNIVERSAL MONKEYS ANIMAL RANCH is certified and audited by the United States Department of Agriculture( USDA).
One of the ranch’s most popular exotic animals for sale, the marmoset monkeys for sale are delicate little monkeys that are intelligent and cute. Despite being one of the smallest monkeys they’re full of personality and are delightful to watch for hours. They’ve special conditions that bear time and training. They especially thrive in colonies of other marmosets where they can learn species-specific actions like eating and fixing thus it’s advisable to buy in pairs.


Spider monkeys weigh about 6 kg (13.2 pounds) and are 35–66 cm (14–26 inches) long, excluding the heavily furred tail, which is longer than the body. The coat, of variable length and fineness, ranges among the several species from gray to reddish, dark brown, or black. Most have a black face with white eye-rings, but some have a flesh-colored face. They are a very cute set of monkeys that make excellent pet monkeys. Spider monkeys are very great around kids as well as other pets such as puppies and kittens, getting one of these smart ad clingy monkeys for a pet would be a very excellent decision. Pet Spider monkeys for sale might cost anywhere between $6,000 and $14,000 depending on their age and gender


Named after explorer Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza, the strikingly beautiful De Brazza’s monkeys for sale are native to Central Africa. With a distinctive white beard, white belly, speckled grayish coat, and black extremities, De Brazza’s monkey has an elegant appearance. The orange crescent on the forehead, black crown atop their head, and long white stripes on their thighs and rump highlight the unusual beauty of the species. Male De Brazza’s monkeys are much larger than females. They grow up to 25 inches (63.5 cm) and weigh up to 17 lbs (7.7 kg), whereas females may grow to 16 inches (40 cm) and weigh up to 9 lbs (4 kg). Cost between $8,000 and $18,000.


Tamarins are small monkeys with long, white whiskers that sweep back from the muzzle on both sides and look like mustaches. When females give birth to one or two young (rarely, three), the adult males assist with the birth, immediately taking the newborns and washing them. The golden lion tamarin (S. Ursula) is one of the most notorious species of tamarin. It has an impressive golden-brown mane of fur reminiscent of those of male lions. This frames its small, black, face, and relatively long tail. Other species are black and some have interesting mustache-like features. Tamarins weight from 7.8-31.7 oz (220-900 g) and 5.1-11.8 in (13-30 cm) in length, not including their tails. Tamarin monkey for sale can easily cost between $2,000 and $11,000.


Squirrel monkeys are one of the best animal companions you will ever find. They bond with people very easily because they are hand raised correctly by us. Squirrel monkeys are very striking. They have greenish-olive fur and a white mask around their eyes. The squirrel monkey loves people and it’s quite an amazing animal. It has beautiful ears and is super tame and sweet. It is getting the highest quality diet of all hand-cut organic foods. Squirrel monkeys for sale can easily cost between $4,500 and $10,000.


Marmosets finger monkey for sale are the smallest members of the primate family. Often called the finger monkey for sale, these tiny monkeys grow the size of a Barbie doll and weigh less than a pound as adults. They are intelligent and deceivingly adorable. They are not easily adaptable to situations and like to stay in a predictable state. They are very dominating of each other and hierarchy plays a big part in their social structure as well as when kept as a pet.  Finger Monkey For Sale might cost anywhere between $4,000 and $9,000 depending on its age and gender


Capuchins, considered among the most intelligent of the New World monkeys, are named for their “caps” of hair, which resemble the cowls of Capuchin monks. These monkeys are round-headed and stockily built, with fully-haired prehensile tails and opposable thumbs. Capuchin monkey for sale can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $22,000 depending on their age and gender.


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