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Primates are one of the most attractive animals in our animal kingdom. But, they are unpredictable, destructive, and expensive and they need a lot of care and attention. Since some of them can live for over 35 years, they truly are a lifetime commitment. Are you the person that is willing to spend most of your free time with your monkey?
Looking for a unique pet that is both fascinating and magnificent? Look no further than our Big Black Monkeys for Sale! These majestic creatures are sure to capture the hearts of any animal lover. Before you consider buying a monkey, you have to learn as much as possible about them. Our Big Black Monkeys for sale together with our marmoset monkeys for sale are known for their striking appearance, with their large size and jet-black fur. But don’t let their size intimidate you – these monkeys have a gentle nature and make wonderful companions.
Read books, use the internet ( is a great start), try to visit somebody who has primates at home, and join monkey-related groups on social media so you can talk to people who have primates. Don’t just look at the pictures and amazing videos, but talk to them to learn more about their care and what is truly involved with keeping a primate as a pet. All species have different personalities so you’ll need to find out which species seems perfect for you. So if you want to own one of these incredible creatures, look no further than our selection of Big Black Monkeys for Sale. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have one of the most extraordinary pets in the world!

Primate Diets

To prevent boredom and loss of appetite, a varied diet must be given to primates. Commercial primate diets, very often referred to as monkey biscuits, monkey chow, or primate biscuits, should be served daily. Commercial primate diets should be the most important item to be fed to captive primates (about 75% of their meal) since they’ve been designed to provide a complete meal while also cleaning their teeth and stimulating their gums. Primates shouldn’t just be served monkey biscuits because a menu like that would simply become too boring. We recommend that their diet should be supplemented with fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, lean meat, and eggs. Fresh water should of course be available to them at all times. Visit our Monkey Diet Tips section for more information. Monkey Biscuits zupreem to be used at 9 weeks and up. Baby Formula (Enfamil A.R. Lipil, No Spit up Formula) pink and gold Can ( 2 level scoops of Enfamil mixed with 4 oz of FILTERED water ( shake vigorously ), do not use tap water or outside hose water) put the syringe under the heating pad for 5 minutes ( no longer ). Never feed cold milk. Will cause diarrhea. Rinse the syringe thoroughly and then put the empty syringe back in the refrigerator to keep bacteria away. You will need a 3cc syringe, 6 cc syringe, and a 10cc syringe (Feeding Schedule Below) Small clear plastic shaker container to mix formula with oz measured on the side Small Feeding Bowl ceramic only. A hamster bowl is best. 2 inches in diameter. Heating pad with NO shutoff feature, it must stay on at all times at the lowest temperature under the carrier Small stuffed animal about the approx size of your fist, will be kept in the cage at all times for cuddling • 2 full-size towels and 3 hand-dish towels for bedding Bedding and stuffed animal should be washed every 3 days, no special detergent required.

Are you allowed to keep Monkeys?

Before buying a monkey, you have to be sure that you are legally allowed to keep monkeys where you live. Some places don’t allow to keep certain species, other states have complete bans, and some states require a permit. If you live in the USA, first make sure your state doesn’t have a primate ban or hasn’t applied certain restrictions on keeping primates in your area. The USDA will be able to answer those questions for you. While most counties follow state laws, your county can have an ordinance that doesn’t allow you from keeping a primate in your area. And last, but not least, check your city laws. If you live within city limits, chances are pretty big that your state has an ordinance regarding primate ownership. Your local city clerk should be able to tell you.

Big Black Monkeys for sale are very expensive animals.

As we said in our intro, monkeys are very expensive animals, and buying your monkey is just the beginning. You’ll have to build an enclosure as large as possible even if you’re thinking about purchasing a small monkey like a marmoset or a capuchin. Don’t even think about buying a parrot cage. They are too small and should never be used to house a primate. You’ll also need to provide cooling, heating, and light. A monkey’s diet consists of commercial primate food, fresh food, fresh or cooked vegetables, cereal, eggs, grasshoppers, meat, and nuts, … So, if you can’t afford $3 a day for their care, you really shouldn’t buy one. You’ll also need to visit your vet at least once a year to make sure your pet monkey stays in perfect health.

Monkeys are very social animals If you are not home all the time, you will have to buy a companion for him. Realize when you buy a monkey that it will be nearly impossible for you to travel since it is very hard to find somebody who can and will take care of your monkey. All monkeys bite One way monkeys like to communicate is with their teeth. It is therefore not unusual for a monkey to bite somebody. Even smaller species like marmosets have pretty sharp teeth and will let you know when they’re unhappy. When raising a monkey, it is important to never allow your monkey to bite you even if it is just during playtime. Make sure to keep correcting their behavior to prevent monkey bites from occurring. To prevent outsiders from getting injured, you mustn’t take your monkey out in public too often because a possible bite (even if invoked by the other person) can result in the loss of their life. While there is no officially recognized rabies vaccine for primates, it is still recommended to get your primate vaccinated. That way if your primate happens to bite someone, it helps reduce the chances that your monkey will be euthanized to look for rabies. Finding a vet Make sure you find a vet who specialized in primates before you buy your monkey.

After you buy your monkey, the first thing you should do is visit the primate vet for a regular check-up. The most common procedures at the vet office are a complete blood work analysis, rabies vaccine, and tetanus shots. To reduce the number of mood swings with your primate, it is also recommended that you get them fixed within a year. Your vet should be able to provide you with the necessary recommendations. We hear too many times that people can’t find a good vet for their monkey when they really need one so make sure to put this item on top of your priority list! Training your monkey It’s time for a reality check. Forget about those movies where you see a monkey perform all kinds of tricks. Unless you are a professional animal trainer you won’t be able to teach your monkey a lot. If that is the reason why you want a monkey or if it is just to show off with them, then you will probably be the first to get rid of them again.

In Summary

So why would anybody ever want a Finger monkey for sale Florida, Finger monkey for sale in texas, Squirrel monkeys for sale, Spider monkeys for sale, Marmoset monkey for sale Texas, Monkeys for sale uk capuchin, Capuchin monkey for sale Canada, big black monkeys for sale after knowing all this? Non-human primates are so closely related to us that it scares and excites us at the same. It is so incredible to see how they eat as we do, how they can climb, how they like to play hide and seek, and how curious they are. Some monkey owners say their pet monkey for sale is like a family member, others talk about their children but they have all one thing in common: they love their monkeys so much that they will do the impossible for them!

To transport you will need a small pet carrier

At home, you will need a Cage (a small finch cage ) one foot, by one foot will Suffice until the monkey for sale is about 3-4 months old, and then will need a larger cage
2-4 months old 2’x2′ cage still with small holes

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